Topical issues of OSH at the present stage of development and stabilization of the economy

Discussions of problem questions
in the field of occupational safety and health

About conference

Participation in the conference is free. To participation in the conference we invite: representatives of government (federal, regional and municipal levels of management), employees of trade unions, representatives of business communities, including small and medium business, members of the Chamber of commerce of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs, university professors, employees of research institutes, doctoral students, post-graduate students, undergraduates, students, employees of education institutions, training centers, specialists of testing laboratories, representatives of foreign organizations and others, having an interest in these topics.

  • Application for participations in the conference is filled on the website
  • The report of the conference is appeared in the form of a video file not longer than 10 min.
  • All speakers in their reports shoud indicate the practical significance of the results!!!
  • The languages of reports at the conference are Russian and English
  • All the video reports will be available for everyone to see their content. On the conference
  • website there will be opportunity of discussion of the participants.
Contest of reports

The Organizing committee organizes the contest of presented reports for the most relevant and practically meaningful work.

The Organizing committee determines the winners of the contest in the conference only on the basis of the relevant and practical significance of the presented work in its entirety.

The general sponsor of the conference - TrudCompleх LLC determined the prize for:

  • The first place – 100 thousand rubles. (approx. 1400 $)
  • The second place – 50 thousand rubles.
  • The third place – 25 thousand rubles.
  • The forth place – 15 thousand rubles.
  • The fifth place – 10 thousand rubles.

The criteria for selection of reports for participation in the contest:

  • The relevance of the topic.
  • The novelty of the work.
  • The practical significance of the work.
  • The completeness of the study.
  • Risks associated with the implementation of the research.
  • The market of application of research results.
  • Barriers related to the implementation of the research results.

Every speaker may submit no more than one report. There should be the annotation of the presentation in Russian and in English (maximum 300 characters).

The video presentations may be accompanied by a text version of the report prepared as a manuscript in the journal. All text versions of the report will be recommended for publication in journals such as “Safety and health” and “Safety and labour economics” – for free. Text version of the report on the website is not published.

Научные направления
Scientific directions of the conference
  1. Actual problems of regulation of activity of subjects of law in the field of occupational safety and ways of their solution.
  2. Actual problems of prevention of injury and disease associated with working conditions.
  3. Evaluation of the competence of workers and specialists. Certification of specialists and workers in the field of labour protection.
  4. Modern methods of training. The organization of remote training of specialists and workers in the field of labour protection. The professional standards. Improving the quality of training of specialists in the field of labour protection.
  5. Creation and ensuring of functioning of labor protection management system.
  6. Information, video information and other technologies in labour protection.
  7. Risk assessment of injury and occupational disease in the workplace.
  8. The ways and means of reducing injury risk in the workplace.
  9. New forms and ways to improve the efficiency and reliability of special evaluation of workplaces on conditions of work.
  10. Ways to reduce the impact of harmful and hazardous production factors per person.
  11. Improving of management and safety of work in construction.
  12. Improving of governance and security works in agriculture.
  13. Improving of governance and ensuring safety in the coal industry.
  14. Improving of governance and security in health care institutions.
  15. Improving governance and security in educational institutions.
  16. Improving the management and safety of work in small business.
  17. Improving management and ensuring safe working conditions of social workers.
  18. Ways of reducing the impact of harmful and hazardous production factors on workers. New technologies of production, providing the reduction of influence of harmful and dangerous production factors on workers.
  19. Modern proposals for benefits and compensations for work in harmful conditions.
  20. Effective means of collective and individual protection of workers.
  21. Trainers in occupational safety
  22. Best practices of organizations to ensure safe working conditions.
  23. Means for measuring harmful industrial factors.
  24. Psychological problems in the management of occupational safety.
  25. Stress and occupational safety.
  26. The role of ergonomics in occupational safety.
  27. Economic efficiency of measures in the field of occupational safety.
  28. Modern criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of OSH management.

Speakers are asked to present their directions to the conference the challenges in the protection of labour and possible ways of their solution. The Conference is expected to be communicated to all interested state structures and public associations.

At the end of the conference there would be round table (video conferencing) to discuss the outcome – the decisions of the conference. The event is scheduled to take place in real time (online).

All authors of Conference reports will receive an individual certificate of participation.

Юридические аспекты
Legal aspects of the reports
  1. The author agrees that the material is in the public domain and available for download by any user.
  2. The author bears full responsibility in case of third party claims to the authorship.
  3. On accepted by the Organizing committee and placed works royalties are not paid.
  4. The author may delete his/her material only with approval of the Organizing committee of the conference.
  5. The author who posted the content that contains photos, by default, consents to their use by the Organizing committee.
  6. The Organizing committee is not responsible for any copyright infringement by the authors of the reports.

The submitted information will not be returned.

Annotation of the video file of the report must include: Title, author (s), academic degree, affiliation, email address. The text content of the report (no more than 300 characters).

Reports are accepted up to 24 hours on April 28, 2016.

On the website of the conference - the title of report, author (s), abstract of the report. The authors of the reports can discuss the results with their colleagues. Upon request of the participant the contents of the report is given. Here the participant can record and send a question to the author of the report, express his/her opinion. Incorrect in a scientific discussion queries and comments are removed. The question goes to the author of the report and the conference Organizing committee (to monitor the response of the author of the report). The author of the report sends a response to the question to the conference committee who post the answer on the Conference website. Questions to the authors of the report ask for one month (May) from 0 hours of the 1st May to 24 hours of the 31st May 2016. After this date you can only get acquainted with the materials of reports.


prize fund






Organizing committee

Новиков Николай Николаевич

Nikolai Novikov

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Honored Worker of Science
Director General of the NACOSAH

Dear colleagues!

Legislation can be compared with the invention, which is sure to clearly realizable goal. Useless invention are not accepted by society. They should be technically feasible.

I am confident that the discussion of topical issues in the field of occupational safety, experience and practice a wide range of specialists will improve conditions in the workplace worldwide.

I wish you success!

Soldunov Vladimir

Soldunov Vladimir A.

Head of the Department of policies to protect the conditions of labor and labor protection Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation

Gubernatorov Vladimir

Gubernatorov Vladimir A.

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation
Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Elin Albert

Elin Albert M.

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Senior Researcher State Organization Institute of Occupational Safety and economy.

Fainburg Gregory

Fainburg Gregory Z.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Director of the Institute of Occupational Safety, production and human Perm National Research Polytechnic University.

Todradze Konstantin

Todradze Konstantin

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Member of the Committee on Labor Markets and Migration Policy of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Michel Lebedeff

Michel Lebedeff

Director of exports to Russia and CIS countries of GLISSGRIP SAS, France

Beytuganov Mustafar

Beytuganov Mustafar G.

Candidate of Technical Sciences.
Honored Builder of Russia.
Deputy Director of Research and Production Center and Advisory safety in the construction and housing and communal services - a branch NACOSAH

Giancarlo Bianchi

Giancarlo Bianchi

President Associazione professionale Italiana Ambiente e Sicurezza (AIAS), Chairman Enshpo, Italy

Andrew Hale

Andrew Hale

Emeritus Professor of Safety Science, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Chairman: HASTAM, UK
Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd

Alexander Novitsky

Alexander Novitsky A.

Director General TrudComplex

Guznaev Yuri

Guznaev Yuri V.

Chief Technical Labor Inspector of the Central Committee
trade union of health workers
Russian Federation

Shchemelev Youri

Shchemelev Youri G.

Head of Department - Chief Technical Inspector of the Central Committee of the All-Russian Trade Union of Labour Education

Soshenko Boris

Soshenko Boris A.

Chairman of the Trade Union of Builders of Russia

Putilin Sergey

Putilin Sergey E.

Chief Physician of Health FGBU "Federal Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology on Railway Transport" Tikhoretsky branch. Chairman of the Board of NACOSAH

Voroshilov Sergey

Voroshilov Sergey P.

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Director of NP Kuzbass - COT

Rakhimova Gulnur

Rakhimova Gulnur M.

Director of LLP "Center for Occupational
Health and Safety."
The Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana

Karchevsky Ivan

Karchevsky Ivan A.

Head of security and state examination of working conditions. The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus

Alberto Sérgio Sá Rodrigues Miguel

Alberto Sérgio Sá Rodrigues Miguel

Prof. President Portuguese Society of Occupational Safety and Hygiene

Dennis Hudson

Dennis Hudson

Director of Professional Affairs American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Eldeen Pozniak

Eldeen Pozniak

President - International Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organizations

BAE Gye-Wan(Mr.)

BAE Gye-Wan(Mr.)

Partnership Program Department
Secretary General
International Cooperation Center,
ISSA International Section for a Culture of Prevention
Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agenc

Martin Ralph

Martin Ralph

Managing Director Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention (IFAP)

Chukarin Alexander

Chukarin Alexander N.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation
Head of Department "Fundamentals of Machine Design" VPO "Rostov State University of Railway Transport" (RSTU-RIIZHT)

Finochenko Victor

Finochenko Victor A.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,
Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety (MANEB) Dean of the Faculty of "Energy"

Kurylenko Yuri

Kurylenko Yuri V.

Candidate of Technical Sciences,
General Director of LLC "Industrial - commercial firm Digital Devices"

Aygistov Alexander

Aygistov Alexander A.

The head of the Russian Agency for the development of the information society "RARIO", the president of the National Union of non-profit organizations


Tuesday, 1 March
Start of accepting applications

Make it very simple - to record a video with your application.
Video length should not exceed 10 minutes.
Describe it, attach the text for publication in scientific journals.
Send your application Participation is free.

Thursday, 30 June
Deadline for applications

All accepted for consideration the reports will be available to everyone, in the relevant section.

Friday, 1 July
Discussion of reports on the conference

Visitors to the conference and organizing committee is ask questions to the authors of reports and exchange of views.

Monday, 15 August
Summing up

Summing up the conference, and the definition of winners.

Organizers and support

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